PP/PE extruder


PP/PE extruder with hydraulic mesh changing system

The filament extruder machine is equipped with in house design mesh changer by hydraulic pump control, so the time saving for the regular die cleaning can be realized. The machine is suitable for PE extrusion and PP extrusion. From gear box, barrel, screw, and whole combined structure of mold and die, all the key parts are in house design which guarantees the high quality of the integrated machine assembling.

PP/PE extruder-traditional model

This traditional model of extruder contains all the key parts and functions needed for efficient and good quality extrusion. This model is mainly for PE extruder and PP extruder. Without additional fancy parts and functions, this model is a cost effective choice for good quality extrusion.

PP/PE extruder with extended filtering mesh

This PE & PP extruder machine has the extended filtering mesh which enables the longer mesh cleaning cycle and longer production period while just adding a little bit of component cost. This monofilament extruder is suitable for higher denier PE monofilament and PP monofilament extrusion.

PP/PE extruder modified for injection purpose

This PE & PP extrusion machine is a customized design which required by the customer. The customer produces some injection products which just need simple injection motion with special mold. It can be realized by modifying the extruder. By this creative modification, the customer saved big budget on the machine cost.