Tai Hung machinery has been providing high quality machines for almost 30 years. We made the in house design for the key parts such as gear box, barrel, screw, mold, nozzle die, spinneret and winding motors. Therefore, the assembling of machines can be well integrated and the machine quality can be assured. A well running and competitive monofilament extrusion plant could also be established. 

As shown in the photos below, one of our customers transported the extruder back to us for replacing a new screw. The nameplate shows that the manufacture year of the extruder is 1998, which is more than 20 years ago. The extruder still runs well after replacing a new screw. In fact, there are dozens of extrusion lines from Tai Hung machinery have been running well for more than 20 years so far. We believe that the longer operating years of the machines not just saves the investment cost for customers but also proves the high quality of machines.