65mm extrusion line for dual use with Raschel Knitting Machines and monofilament making machines in India

The customer from India had the requirement that the extrusion line needs to be able to make filaments for both of woven nets and knitted nets. Therefore, we provided a 65mm extrusion line with winders for both types in 2013. The two types of winders lined up in a row and the customer could chose which type of winders that is going to operate. After the successful operation of this dual extrusion line, the customer ordered another 65mm extrusion line with 3 winding units for knitted net products in 2014. We made the design of 3 winding units in one wrapping winder, which synchronizes the 3 winding units and saves the operation space as well. 

Filament extrusion line for the use with Raschel Knitting Machines